Sunday, May 20, 2007

Catfish Compition (Yes, Catfish)

During the Terrell event, there were some folks handing out flyers for a Catfish Comp at Lake Tawokoni. We decided to give it a shot along with Tony and Shelia. The morning started off early but it was a Beautiful day by the lake. We each turned in two entries. Our attempt at Catfish included a Gumbo version and classic Fried. Tony & Shelia turned in a Shrimp Creole and a Creamy Butter Sauce over lightly seasoned and pan seared filets. Tony's Cream Butter Sauce entry was the only one to hit as he got a 6th call. After wards, we had plenty of food and began to serve the crowd gathering while we cooked. Don't worry, we will be back to BBQ this coming weekend.

Catfish Gumbo:
Filets cooked in Chicken,Crawfish and Shrimp Gumbo

Fried Catfish Filets: Breaded with Lousianne's and seasoned with Tony's.

Shelia's Shrimp Creole covering two pan grilled filets.

Tony's Cream Butter Sauced over two pan grilled, seasoned filtes.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

New Addition

The idea of building a clone of the commercial Big Drum Smoker was discussed by Tony and myself. Tony found drums for the right price in West Dallas. We picked two weeks ago Saturday to start our build. Me and Melissa went to get 4 of them. We got the lids cut off, air valves on and handles attached that day. We still had to build a charcoal basket and add the brackets for the cooking grate. I completed this with Melissa's help the following Saturday. Cooked some chicken breasts and thighs to see how it performed.

These cookers are desiged as low/direct cooking vessels. As opposed to low/indirect like the trailered pit. When the meat cooks, the fat and juices drip down into the charcoal basket with wood. This imparts a different flavor from an offset cooker as the steam coming back up has the meat flavor from the drippings. I used a few pounds for the first run and it held at 225*-250* with no adjusting. Ideal for cooking BBQ. 10lbs of charcoal loaded up will run for 10-12 hours unattended. Here are a few pictures.

Sunday, April 29, 2007

4/20 Terrell, Texas

Terrell Heritage Days was our next competition. This started out as a great event. Unfortunately there was an accident. While trying to adjust some lighting, Melissa pulled the cord of a full crock pot of beans down onto her leg. After a mustard slather and some more beer, she managed to tuff it out until we got home. Thanks to Brian for his assistance with the situation. We turned in brisket, spare ribs and chicken. Oh yea, we did manage to turn in a "different" pinto bean that we experimented with until turn in. We hit with chicken and placed 4th. There were 82 teams at this event.

West, Texas Event

An IBCA compition held in the city of West was our next cookoff. This trip was made by Chris Hahn and myself. We arrived Thursday for an extra day to relax and hang out with the Usual Suspects (Tony&Shelia, Brian and Smoking Waters C/T). This was a big event with 101 teams competing. West Texas is known as a Chech town and they can host an event. This event I decided to change up the cooking process and move my chicken over to a Brinkmann Water Smoker. This along with an injection that Chris made on the spot Friday, we managed to get called for 2nd place chicken. This was a great surprise and we were very excited. Melissa was able to come down Saturday and be part of the awards ceromony.

As usual we had a great time being with our friends on a beautiful weekend. Got Pivo....? (Got Beer in Chech).

Saturday, March 31, 2007

Eric & Melissa

Irving K of C Cookoff

Congratulations to all that roughed out some of the worst storms North Texas has seen in some time. Way to g0 Tony "Grilla In The Pits" and his team for there first time to place in a competition with a 9th in Chicken and then followed it up with a 2nd in Ribs. We will post pictures and more details later. Also big "Up's" to Robert and "Smoking Waters C/T" for a Grand Champion Showing. He got first in ribs to Tony's 2nd. It's On...! All though Doc (Eye Que) didn't hit this event, he is very consistent and is guaranteed to work towards a showing in Terrell..!

Even though Deez BBQ did not compete at this event, we are getting ready for our next event in Terell. We appreciate all the samples we had during the day, it was all good BBQ.! Another Congratulations to Cory who cooked with his Dad Dale this weekend. He got his "Cork Popped" as he said placing for the first time, in two categories.

Sunday, March 25, 2007

Brisket Flat Practice

This was an 8lb Choice Flat. Cooked in the offset stick burner. Came out with a nice smoke ring and juciy. Presentation was not so great as half were upside down.